13.09.2020 | “Let’s be young, let’s be crass enough to care…”

It’s local election day in my part of Germany today and I’m afraid I might not like the results for my city. Maybe I’m overly pessimistic, but I have a feeling that there won’t be much change, at least not the change we as the Green party were campaining for. The pandemic threw a wench in all our plans and we never really found a way to work around that or do things differently. We’re only a few people or at least only a few people actually actively doing the work, at least that what it felt like for the last few months. Maybe I’m just burnt out.  There were also other things going on in/with the majority party and a seemingly uninterested community and all my hopes are once again going down the drain. I don’t know. But to quote Frank Turner from recent introduction to the ‘title song’

“This is song about a having a fight you know you’re going to loose. But deciding that in some times and some places it’s worth having the fucking fight anyway.”

I guess, that’s the spirit I need to get into. And I’m almost there. Mostly.  Sometimes anyway. I think, we might just need to  regroup when this election is over and map out a strategy for the next few years…

By now I’m glad I took the Monday off from work as well. I might need another day to get back out of the lazy, chill, unproductive vacation mood into something more resembling work ethics 🙂 I feel myself slipping into kind of a lethargy again and that’s not good. I feel like I wasted a lot of time today and I already feel guilty about that and that is not helping with my mood. Hmph! I should spend the time till I’m off for a election results meeting with a few people from my campaigning team, with making a few lists of what to do tomorrow / next week. 

Meaningless, boring blog post, sorry. Here’s another vacation photo from the beach to make up for it…

Lyrics: Love, Ire & Song, Frank Turner, 2009

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