07.09.2020 | “All our days will fade away…”

I was and still am in a bit of a weird, gloomy mood tonight. I considered going to bed and just sleep it off, but I then thought putting some thoughts down here and remembering the the day as such had been a nice one, might be the better idea. I don’t want to dwell on the gloom (which had a cause) here either. Positivity and all that. Not that I want to paint a false always happy and never gloomy picture here, but the gloomy part still needs a bit to work through. Mails to send and that kind of thing.

I changed the look around here again. Well back to the previous blog, because I just couldn’t get the hang of the theme I had used for this one. Going back to the previous look sort of defeats the point of starting over, but… whatever. This still feels different and still is different. In some ways and maybe only because I said so.

Once again I spent a lot of time on the beach today, just as it should be on a vacation by the sea. This was the whole point of coming here to be honest and I love that it’s such a vast beach and not many people so at any time of day I can easily find a quiet spot for myself. There are a few ‘sights’ to visit here on the island, small museums and such, but I honestly can’t be bothered to look up opening times and visitors regulations, required booking or not and such. I might drive down to the lighthouse at some point to spend some time on the beach there. Other than that? No desire to go anywhere really. I walked into the village this morning to do some shopping at the supermarket and even though there weren’t really many people around there, I still was fed up quickly. No idea how that will go when I’m back at home this weekend and at work next week. It’s so easy to turn into a hermit. It’s so easy to forget what day it is as well…Again: like it should be on vacation.

Anyway, here is where I spent my afternoon.

Beach Ameland

Reading, listening to music, sunbathing. Just being. And that was a good day and I hope that will cancel the gloom from tonight. Let’s see what how the night’s sleep will go. So far I’ve slept well here on a weird schedule though. Early to bed and early-ish to rise. Which might be a good new routine for when I’m back home. Stay tuned….

Lyrics: Sunday Nights, Frank Turner, 2009

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