23.08.2020 | “You worked all day to make some money…” II

The fact that I a) never felt in the mood or found the time / energy to post during the week and b) now almost don’t remember what I all did this week, probably speaks for itself. I’m so desperate in need of a vacation. Only 11.5 more days until I get into my car, drive about 4 hours to the a small port in the Netherlands, get on a ferry to hop over to an island and then spent a whole week by the sea. Bliss! I hope!

I spent way too much time at the office this week dealing with budget spreadsheets for various projects. If I had wanted to spend my office time with numbers and budgets and spreadsheets I had studied business or economics or something. I didn’t. For a reason! Ugh! Besides that I still feel like I’m behind on way too many projects and juggling too many balls. I don’t know. What I do know is that I am in desperate need to get away from all of that for a while. But I mentioned that already.

When I wasn’t working my paid job, I was working on unpaid campaigning stuff for the local elections. I won’t bore you with boring details, but I need to vent some of my frustration that so many others – in my party or in our mayor candidate group – are all talk, but no action. I don’t want to be the one who always needs to remind others that we need to make a decision about this or that we need to be doing that. It’s frustrating and draining and I know we could have done a much better job if we had been more organized and more people willing to put the time and effort in. But in the end it was once again down to just another person and me. I just realize I could have used another Frank Turner lyric for that part of the post. Next time…maybe.

Let’s focus on some more positive stuff, that kept me sane this week. First of all the music. On Tuesday I went to see Tim Vantol play another outdoor gig and it was lovely. He brought his band this time and I was wise enough to not sit down at one of the pubs tables, but stay standing at the edge of the square far away from any people. It also meant that I could sway and dance and jump just like at a ‘real’ gig and it felt glorious. On Thursday night (?) the Arkells released Campfire Chords, an acoustic album of their biggest hits and some deep cuts and I love it. It feels like the right kind of music for these days, with no arena shows or sweaty moshpits in small clubs on the horizon for a long time. Lets focus on the idea of just a small group of people hanging out around a campfire or on a beach and singing these songs this way. Brilliant. There also was Frank Turner doing a chat / play a few songs bit with Jaret from Bowling for Soup, where he played two new songs, which I thought both were pretty cool. I’m looking forward to that more punkrock album whenever he’ll get the chance to actually go into the studio with his chosen producer and record it.

I’ve been reading tons of contemporary romance novels on my eBook reader recently. To the point where it clearly was a sign of escape (or parts procrastination) from all the crap I have to deal with at the moment. See above. A few days ago though all of a sudden I was just so fed up with these kind of stories and maybe even my tendency to use them as escape. I don’t know. All of a sudden I just didn’t feel it anymore. I put the current book on hold, didn’t read anything for a day and then switched to some non-fiction. I will keep up with that as well, even though today I caved and started Matt Haig’s “The Midnight Library” and I already love it. I might need to pace myself to enjoy it a bit longer.

Lucifer is back. Yay! For the strangest reason when I saw Tom Ellis in action back on my screen last night , I was reminded of the mindblowing fact he told me at the signing at Magic Con last year. That as a child / teenager he used to be on vacation in Germany a few times. 10 miles / 15 minutes drive from where I live! I mean WTF? I still grin when I think about that for some reason. 

When I was looking for more photos from that event I realized that I obviously didn’t transfer them from my SD card to the computer. Or stored them in an unusual folder. Or not transferred them from the card at all. I need to investigate that further, but I’m afraid I might have lost them. Bummer. Maybe that will teach me. Something. Anyway…. I enjoy Lucifer Season 5 so far, 3 episodes in. Not sure where they are taking the story this time, but Tom Ellis so far did a great job with the both characters he played and that alone is worth watching. What I will keep doing for one episode more at least tonight.  

Lyrics: Kiss The Missfits, Felix Hagan & the Family, 2015

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