13.08.2020 | You worked all day to make some money…

I can’t stand this weather any longer. It’s so so tiring to spend almost 2 hours each day in a car to drive to work when it’s over 30°C.. Spend 8 plus hours at the office. Not doing much more than be lazy on the sofa after, because you can’t be bothered to do… anything. I will need to get up extra early tomorrow once more to get some stuff done before work.

The week at the office didn’t go as planned either. At all. Partly I blame the heat, which is making many of us loose focus. Mostly it’s urgent tasks being dropped on my desks every day and I can’t get to do the many things I know I need to be doing. I had sort of plan on Monday morning, damn it.

Off to bed now…

Lyrics: Kiss the Missfits, Felix Hagan & the Family, 2015

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