10.08.2020 | Lately I’ve been feeling all worn out…

Phew, I can’t stand this heat! It’s doing my head in! Seriously. This afternoon for a short moment I had forgotten the word “cable tie” (Kabelbinder in German). We need to buy more to put up the last batch of election posters and I was texting my fellow Greens and I totally blanked! I knew the word started with K and that’s all my mind came up with in that moment. It was a bit scary. I blame the heat. 

Work is stressing me out at the moment as well. I know I should take over more and more responsibility for certain projects and I’m willing to, I just sometimes worry too much about messing up. We are planning to make some big changes to one of the projects I’m sort of in charge of  and it turned out my supervisor and I had different understanding about certain aspects of the new direction than the head of our department and the financial / admin team leader did. Ooops! Now we have to clear that up with other people we work with on this project and in a way start over with parts of the planning and this sucks. Especially as I mostly blame myself for not having talked it through clearly enough to bring everyone involved on the same level. On the other hand… my supervisor didn’t see these pitfalls either, so I’m not the only one. For a worrier like me, that’s still not much of a consolation.

I skipped the Greens Zoom meeting tonight as I just couldn’t deal with any more people tonight. I put in a load of laundry, switch off the phone, made some food, watch some vintage Gilmore Girls (my go-to comfy place). I’ll now get out the laundry, take a shower and then hopefully still be in time to rewatch Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls Show #2500 until they take the video offline in about two hours. It was so great to see the band back together even though there wasn’t an audience and even though they were separated be plastic walls. In a metal shed with no air-conditioning. But they were total troopers about it! I missed them so much! And there will be a proper blog post about this gig later this week. At least that’s the plan and I hope I’ll be in the mood to follow through. 

Lyrics: Faithful Son, Frank Turner, 2009

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