05.08.2020 | “Let’s be crass enough to care…”

I got a good night’s sleep last night with only a weird disconcerting moment in the early hours. I woke up and I usually fall back asleep quickly, because I rewind the audiobook (always one of three regency romance novels narrated my Richard Armitage) to the last section I remember, set the timer for 20 minutes and… am off asleep in less than 10. At some point this morning though, before I drifted off I all of a sudden had a vivid memory of being in one of the Camden Market yards. Roaming around before the Arkells / Felix Hagan gig during Lost Evenings 2018. Once again… WTF Brain? How do you get from Regency Romance to the Camden Market in the 2010s? I was a  bit sentimental before I drifted off; not especially because I love Camden that much (because I don’t), but because… remembering being someplace else always makes me wistful these days.

Camden Lock in the summer of 2010
Camden Lock in the summer of 2010

The day at the office was very spreadsheet centred and I hope these tasks will be finally done tomorrow, because I’m fed up by all the numbers and tables and… ugh! Give me a text to write again please. Or people to talk to. But I was busy and mostly focused on work so not too much time to let the mind wander and worry and such. 

Most of my evening I spent doing bits of election campaign work (web, social media et al) for our local Greens. In a way it’s a bit frustrating that there are only a few people actually digging in and doing this tedious work. On the other hand I’ve bee weirdly energized about campaigning and local politics and all, so I made the most of that drive. 

I now need sustenance though and another early-ish night to be able to get to the office early, before the heat settles in the building. 

Title Lyrics: Love, Ire & Song, Frank Turner, 2008

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