01.08.2020 | By yon bonnie banks *

Do we have a term yet for these sudden, longing, almost mournful flashbacks to… random experiences from *before*? Especially if they hit you in a sudden, but completely unrelated moment? Like in the middle of reading a contemporary romance novel set on the US east coast, where she is a professional clown for children parties and he’s a retired Baseball player. And for reasons unknown – and utterly inexplicable – all of a sudden I felt myself transported to the shores of… Loch Lomond, Scotland in the UK. Give or take 3.000 miles apart.

WTF brain?!?!? How did that happen? And why? And why in this longing way that made met put down the novel and instead have a look at the pictures I took at Loch Lomond during the three times I visited. Pictures that didn’t even fully align with all visual and sensual and audible memories that kept flashing in my mind. For a short moment I was a bit crestfallen, that those pictures didn’t fully paint the picture I had in my mind. But then I could actually relish the even more vivid and memorable imprint these moments obviously had left in my memory. Visual aid like photos are nice and all, but… the whole real memory stored somewhere in my cortex is still the real deal. Which is comforting, I guess, in a way.

Still… Scotland will definitely be one of the first places I’ll try to return to once all of this *wide sweeping motion* is over.

*Lyrics: “Loch Lomond”, traditional (Runrig version)

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