27.07.2020 | We’re Going Nowhere Slowly… *

I wish this post would be in a more uplifting spirit, but I’m in a bit of a gloomy mood tonight.  And, of course, it’s once again this fucking pandemic! Not even in a big OMG the world is ending kind of way, it’s just been sinking in (again) that we need to be in this for the long haul. Not knowing when it will all be over and get back to some new kind of normal is something I still have to struggle with. Two instances today:

I got the confirmation mail that the Grace Petrie gig in London in October won’t happen, but is postponed to some date in April 2021. Tickets will be valid, yada yada… And I once again was reminded that, the way that things are now and the way I think things will develop, I won’t get on a train or plane to travel to London in April 2021. There is just no way! And that sucks! I then remembered the EuroStar vouchers from the cancelled trip in March this year, which are only valid for a year till March or May 2021 (I need to check the mails). I can use them to book a trip up to six months in advance, which gets me to the end of 2021. But right now… I have NO idea if  by May 2021 I can be sure that I can travel to the UK later in 2021. As of right now everything next year basically is the big Unkown. And that troubles me more than I like to admit to myself. I think. It’s freaking weird to say the least…

Our HR department sent a reminder / update about COVID rules, regulations in the work place as case numbers are rising in our area. They are rising slowly, so no real need to worry yet, if everybody would just live by the simple rules (keep a distance, wear a mask….). I’m realistic enough to believe numbers will rise even more once people are back from holidays and school starts again and people are just getting lazy and ignorant. I can’t even exclude myself from this. The reminder mail reminded us, for instance, that there shouldn’t / oughn’t be more than two people in the kitchen / break room at the same time. Since I got back we did have the occassional – distanced – chat in there with more than two people. And more than once. So I guess, I can’t really point any finger. Ok, I can point it to the people not wearing a mask in the correct way and to all those huddling together with any social distancing and all that. It also reminded us to avoid real life meetings and use phone conference and video calls instead. Just as I had planned to organise such a meeting with some other people I need to talk to. *sigh* 

The mail also states once again the ‘rules’  / recommendations about single occupancy in offices and the possibility to work from home especially for people with a higher risk. Like me! I had just gotten back to the office on a more or less regular basis. I was on my way to even be okay sharing my office with my regular office mate, even though we’re not quite 6 feet apart. Because the numbers were down! Now I’m not so sure anymore. Luckily there is an empty desk in an office which desks are definitely 6 feet apart or at least can be moved that way. And even luckier that it will be an empty office for some time from next Monday, so I will move into that office for a while I think.

I’m grateful that my supervisor and my coworkers don’t mind making special arrangements for me and giving me some privileges because of my MS and compromised immune system. Like I said, right now I wouldn’t even mind sharing an office as I’m not too worried. But I also don’t want to loose the ‘right’ to those single office / work from home privilege, by just letting it slide for too long. Does that make sense? I’m just worried, that the HR people might say: oh, you didn’t claim your special treatment, no we don’t need to accomadate you after all. 

I know, I know they wouldn’t be allowed to do that and I know my supervisor and department head would make sure that they don’t. But I’m a worrier. Always have been. Always will be, I guess. 

*Lyrics: The Ballad of Me And My Friends, Frank Turner, 2007

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