12.07.2020 | “Baby let’s get out of city, we need to breathe some cleaner air”

During the day I had jotted down various prompts to write about. Right now I can’t be bothered though. I’m lying in bed, knackered (long hours behind the wheel), but happy, because… almost six hours by the sea. Doing nothing than gazing out. Dozing. Reading. Listening to the Hamilton cast recording and a Frank Turner podcast. Breathing in. Breathing out. Recharging.

I arrived at low tide and stayed till high tide. Every time this part of nature just blows my mind and grounds me. In the grand scheme of thing all my worries are just a blip. Life goes on and there is always, always a new day. Like the tide going in, going out…

Maybe my state of blissful exhaustion is making me mellow…

(Lyrics: Wanderlust, Frank Turner, 2011)

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