05.07.2020 | “Don’t You Forget, That This Too Shall Pass…”

I’m still finding my way around here. Still looking for a different layout theme. I don’t know. I had a sort of recap of the last days post finished last night and still didn’t post it, because I thought who the fuck cares about the minituae of my day? Neither do I want to bore you with how some of the things Frank Turner mentions on a podcast still gets me thinking, because I’m afraid that might make me look like a rabid fangirl. (Which I am, so I should own up to it. Some other time maybe.)

I don’t want to post about COVID-19 and how it changed everything too much here either, but it’s been on my mind a lot more recently, even though I’ve sort of slipped back into some kind of normalcy after months of being and feeling off-kilter and paralysed. The past two weeks I’ve been alternatively working from home and working at the office, been to council meetings and party assemblies, all carried out according to distancing etc guidelines and such. I’ve been to IKEA for crying out loud. It’s a new normal and I obviously made my some peace with that.

And then out of the blue there are these fleeting moments, when I realize it’s still going to be “not normal” for a long while and I’m reminded of all the things I miss. And it takes some effort to not start crying or despairing. All over again. Moments like

  • Reading about or see fictional people hug family and friends or cuddle with small children and just be affectionate with each other.
  • Thinking about having lunch or dinner out (during / after) a long day at work, but as I try to minimize the time indoors with people I don’t know and not knowing how serious restaurants etc. abide to the COVID regulations, having pizza delivered in the evening is the only option.
  • Reading a line in a novel about how Lake Michigan is to cold to dip into at that time of year, which made me remember all the lochs in Scotland for whatever reason
  • Sorting through a drawer and coming across my Oyster card for trips to London
  • Seeing that the same drawer holds the earplugs I use at gigs…

And so many more tiny things to be reminded that this is not normal. And won’t be for a while… *sigh*

Daily Media Digest

Watched: some vintage Gilmore Girls. while I eat | The remaining episodes of “Never Have I Ever” | Hamilton on Disney +

Listened to: The end of the Pod Punk Podcast with Frank Turner | All of Frank Turner’s “Be More Kind” (just because I felt like it) | The “When in Yorkshire” podcast episode with Jess Guise.

Read: Many chapters of “The Most Fun We Ever Had”

Positivity 2020

Making tentative plans with friends ★ Icecream for tea. ★ “The Most Fun We Ever Had” (about half way through and blown away more and more)

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