29.06.2020 | “Up on the shore they work all day…”

Hah! In the last minute of the day – sort of – Frank Turner provided me with a fitting lyric for this post after all. He did the Disney Set, long announced (and also being badgered about quite a bit, I think) on Instagram this evening. Lovely 15 minutes of a few classic songs and lots of laughter.

I’ve been rather busy all day, working from home. Team meeting via conference call. Bits and pieces to tie up in one project. Meetings to set up for after the summer break. Trying to get as much done and coordinated and confirmed before my supervisor takes time off (and so will I next week, hopefully). 

I used the lunch break to run some errands in the vain hope that maybe at that time of day there are less people around. And it was true for the shops mostly, but not on the street. Woah. I guess every family who couldn’t go on holiday and are doing a ‘staycation’ were out and about today. Plus the regular business and delivery traffic. I’m stil not used to all those people again, even if they are all sitting in their cars.

Really not much more to say. But that’s ok… I think I’ll keep the Digest format for a weekly thing. Still trying to figure this all out here.

Positivity 2020

Fixed t he date for a workshop (kind of) thing at work after the summer break ★ The mayoral candidate campaign I’m involved in is coming together nicely ★ Frank Turner singing classic Disney songs 🙂

No pic of the day, but one from May 2019, St. Andrews beach in Scotland


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