26.06.2020 | “Rejoice, Rebuild…”

So, here I am again. Not quite sure what to write in this first post. Will it set the tone for the rest? Should it set the tone for the rest? I probably should have postponed the whole “relaunch” or “re-invention” thing till tomorrow, when I’m a bit less tired. But I was too hyped about it and wanted to get going. Even in a tiny way. 

I’m not dealing all that well with the current heat wave here in Germany and it’s only been a few days so far. Anything above 25 °C (or 28 °C if there is a bit of a breeze) is dragging me down. I’d like to blame my MS, but I think I’ve never been a fan of the higher temperatures. The thunderstorms supposedly coming in tomorrow don’t help with my physical and mental state. If that’s what it is. I’m also PMSing (too much information? Oops. Sorry, not sorry), which might be the real cause for me feeling a bit icky. 

Elsewhere I already mentioned a bit of why I’m starting over and I can’t be bothered to say much more about it at the moment. To be honest, basically, because I still haven’t quite figured out my need and drive to start over. For now it feels good to be here and to do this. It will be a work in progress though until I’ve figured out how to best use this space.

Daily Digest

Meditate: Sort of. Not a guided one via the Calm app, but still trying to focus on my breath and nothing else, for the first few minutes after I woke up before the alarm. Hydrate: Sadly not enough, especially in this weather. Steps:  ~ 3.500.  Snacks et al. Well… A bar of chocolate at my mum’s. Pizza for dinner, because I was too lazy to cook. More pieces of chocolate now as the evening progressed than I proably should have . Reading: A few chapters of “Take A Hint, Dani Brown” (Talia Hibert). Chores: Nope. Focus: 6/10. (as in “mostly all right” . I think this prompt might need a bit of work. I first thought I’d call it procrastination, because that’s more of my problem, but it’s hard to do a proper scale for that). 

Positivity 2020

A coworker complimented the top I was wearing. It wasn’t anything special, but she said the colour suited me. ☆ Two days without an alarm ahead. ☆ This new space. ☆  Felix Friday:  Always such a joy!

Felix Friday - Felix Hagan singing
Felix Friday – my favourite evening of the week


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